Listening in Mono

LeVar Burton Reads is mixed in 3D immersive stereo sound to bring you more fully into the story! The effect is best experienced when listening in headphones or earbuds, but you can also enjoy these episodes on speakers.

If you listen to the podcast with one earbud, have better hearing in one ear than another, or prefer to listen to the podcast without the 3D effect for any reason, you can set your device to play audio in mono.

Mono playback sends the same sound to both the left and right speaker or earbud. It can make it easier to hear the character voices out of both speakers, and it will not affect the sound or volume level of LeVar’s main narrator voice.

If you would like to set your device to play audio content in mono, please see below.


Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual 

For other iOS versions: Click Here


Apple menu in top left > System Settings, click Accessibility in the sidebar, then click Audio on the right. (You may need to scroll down.)

For other Operating System Versions: Click Here


On most devices, go to Settings>Accessibility> Mono Audio.

*On some devices, Mono Audio settings will be under Settings>Accessibility>Hearing


Select the Start button, then select Settings > Accessibility > Audio, and then switch on the Mono audio toggle.

For further information: Click Here